CheckP3 5.1

Mail notifier with updates of your favorite pages

CheckP3 is a mail checker with a full range of features available. It offers you the following:

  • CRAM-MD5 (rfc2195) or APOP (rfc1939) for POP3 password authentication using
  • CRAM-MD5 (rfc2195) for IMAP password authentication using
  • HTTPMAIL encrypted passwords via Digest MD5 (rfc1321 and rfc2069) for Hotmail
  • Support for SSL
  • SPAM aware antispam with Regular Expressions (REGEX)
  • Versatile Check POP3/IMAP/HotMail(TM) email accounts, newsgroups, FTP sites, or even files on your hard disk
  • Check if a server is up (PING), show statistics about your network hardware, synchronize the PC clock with Internet time servers.
  • Automated Launch user-defined programs when new messages are received
  • Automatic or manual checks with debug mode
  • Well-connected Firewall and proxy support
  • Customizable Dock to desktop
  • Fun Wav support, MS Agent support

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CheckP3 5.1

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